Halloween with Hong Hong

October 31st, 2007   Sam   Three best friends   4 Comments

This year marked the first time Hong Hong was old enough to go out for trick or treating. He is new to the concept of getting candy for saying a few words. We have been practicing the day before, but I do not think he quite understood. He liked the idea of sharing the treats or whatever was put in his bag. Sometimes he would just grab his cups, forks, spoons and put them in his bag. Super adorable.

Speaking of super.. last year’s Halloween, Hongs dressed up as an “Incredible” super hero. Not to be outdone, mommy decided that since this was Hongs first year going out and collecting his very own treats, that he would have a great costume. What would he be? The latest trends this year for boys was Spiderman, a Transformer robot, or probably Harry Potter. Hongs was just not into that yet. He wasn’t sure if Spiderman was a good guy because why does he hide behind that mask? The Transformers were just a heap of metal soldered together, and lets face it.. Harry Potter?? yeh… that is not a costume to brag about.

So Mommy decided to have Hong Hong just go as himself.. A jedi.. not just any Jedi tho.. He would go as the top Jedi of them all.. Jedi Hongs. Here is a pic of Hongs in his first Star Wars movie.. “Episode 10-31: Rise of Hongs”

Star Wars: Episode 10-31: Rise of Hongs

The best part of watching Hongs grow up is how he continually spreads his cheerfulness everyday. He definitely has mastered his Jedi Mind trick powers.. He says crazy things like.. “Pu-weez?” and would get whatever you were holding into his own chubby little hands. He would then say.. “I lo ru” and you know he wants you to hug him.

Hong Hong was so happy that mommy spent the long hours designing and sewing the costume together.. Thanks to mommy! Please see more of Hong Hong on Halloween night in our gallery. You can also see a short video of Jedi Hong in action here.

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  • this is why i love the hongs- his mastery of the force…esp. the tickle force- yes, the one where he actually uses actual physical force…hahahah

    good job mama.

  • Hi Guys,

    I love the costume and the movie poster. Great job on the costume Mommy 🙂 and great job on the poster. I can’t wait to see Rise of the Hongs LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I’ll be sending out pictures of little Oliver has Octopus Oliver the great pirate soon. LOL.

    Take care,

  • Great Job!!!! Stephanie – wow putting the whole costume together!
    Sam – great photowork 😉
    and best of all – your son looks adorable and seems to have had a blast on Halloween 🙂

  • hahahaha… awww!!! soooo cute! =)

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