Halloween 09

November 3rd, 2009   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

This year, for the first time, Hong chose his Halloween costume. He had initially wanted to go as Batman but he’s currently enamored of the show Super WHY! so he decided to go as its title character Super Why. Though his costume didn’t seem complicated, surprisingly, it took more effort than I expected to put it together.

As for Seph, he went as a Jedi as he is going through his Jedi training like his brother before him. I had to make some adjustments to the costume since he’s a bit smaller than his brother, but it was worth it to see his smile that night. He really enjoyed himself.. even before he got all the candy.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go around with them as Sienna’s still too young to take out so it was a boys’ Halloween this year. Next year, us girls will be going as well so I’m thinking maybe a theme for us. We’ll see.. I’ll have to remember to give myself more time next year to get the costumes together though.

Here are the pictures from that night. You can see the boys really had fun.

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