Goodbye routine

June 4th, 2011   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

The other day, while Dai Dai was about to leave for school, I realized that the kids have a goodbye routine which really made my heart melt. Hong and Sienna usually mill around while I get Dai Dai ready so after Dai Dai gave me a kiss, he turned to Hong to say goodbye.

Dai Dai: Bye, ‘dor dor’. See you tomorrow.
Hong: Bye, Dai Dai. See you later.. I’ll miss you.
Dai Dai: Miss you too..

They then proceeded to hug and kiss, and then it’s Mui Mui’s turn. When Dai Dai turned towards to the door, she stepped up to him, held out her arms, and looked up at him as if to ask him for a hug and kiss. Dai Dai, being the doting older brother, complied and hugged and kissed her, and the look on her face was priceless. She looked so proud of herself.

The whole scene only took a few seconds, but it really made me smile. Those three can be so sweet to each other!

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