Father-sons moment

November 8th, 2011   Sam   Life in General, Three best friends   No Comments

I had a father-sons outing last night after dinner with Hongs and Sephin. We were rewarding Hongs for his great work on his Chinese midterm and how he’s grown to really enjoy Chinese school.

While driving the boys, I just curiously asked them … “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Hongs reply surprised me as I never expected his response; he said he wanted to be a policeman. I asked why.. and he said because policeman are cool. Sephin interrupted and said he wanted to be Lightning McQueen then. I asked if Sephin wanted to be a race car driver, and he said yes.. a red one.

I went back to Hongs and he said he wanted to be a policeman because they get cool toys. I am assuming this is stemming from Cars 2, and he actually meant he wanted to be a spy a la Finn McMissile. I said that’s an interesting career choice and that he has to study hard and pay attention so he can become a great “policeman”. He said he will become the greatest policeman the world has ever seen. Sephin chimed in.. “and I will be the superman of the world. You will not win me!” Hongs replied.. “Oh yeah?? 3! 2 ! 1!.. let it rip!! Starblast attack!!” A great serious conversation returns to the reality of Beyblade challenges. Sephin’s reply to being starblast attacked.. “No gor gor.. Legacy pegasus battle you!!”

Good thing we arrived home.. i dunno if my car can handle such an intense bey battle.

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