“Baby.. dor dor”

April 15th, 2011   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Yesterday, as I was putting the kids down for their afternoon nap, Dai Dai couldn’t find the bear that he usually sleeps with, so it took him a little longer to fall asleep. However, Mui Mui kept crying; I sang her usual songs, patted her to try to comfort her, and finally had to pick her up to rock her. When she was in my arms, we had the following conversation:

MM: “Baby”
Me: “Baby?”
MM: “Yeah!”
Me: “You want baby?”
MM: “Baby.. dor dor” [Her way of saying gor gor which is Chinese for big brother]
Me: “Oh!! You want gor gor’s baby?”
MM: “Yeah!”
Me: “You want to find gor gor’s baby?” [to which she starts bouncing her entire body yes]

We looked around and eventually found it. She was so happy and proud; she had such a big smile. Then she laid it next to Seph and patted Seph. When I asked her if she was going to sleep, she said “Yeah” with a big smile and laid down, and just a few minutes later, she was asleep. Funny girl.. and very sweet with her brothers. I love moments like these.

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