Dinky Dinky Doo??

April 22nd, 2008   Sam   Three best friends   3 Comments

Hong Hong has been gradually building his vocabulary and developing his boyish behaviours. Some things that we definitely noticed about him is that he loves to mimic words you say (which means we have to guard him from the television and certain movies a lot more). One day Hong Hong was trying to get the controller to the playstation after I specifically said that he’d played with it enough and it was time to do something else. He was persistant in obtaining the controller but would ask me in his 2 year old speak..

“Papa?? pu-weese, gain? sharing hong hong?”

And I would jokingly respond with .. “let me think about it” <pause> “no.” Since i usually do this to Stephanie in a joking way.. Hong probably picked this up.. and would ask again.. and I would now respond with .. “How about ….. no?” and he would giggle.


Fast forward a few days… I noticed he would be saying.. “how about??” in a lengthened tone like how I did it.. so I decided to have some fun with him. I said.. “how about a kiss?” and then he would say.. “no. how about sing!” wanting me to sing him a song.. I would say.. “what song?” and he would always respond with .. “Dinky Dinky Doo?” Now every morning.. he wakes me up asking to me to wake up and go watch “Pinky Dinky Doo”.

pinky dinky doo

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  • You left out that if he does kiss you, he sometimes says ‘Eww.. yucky..” even though you know he liked it.

  • Yes.. he says “Ewww yucky” to my kisses because he wants to kiss hot girls only.

  • ya exactly….he doesn’t say “ewww yucky” to me.

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