DD turns 4!

February 25th, 2012   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Happy birthday to my DD, who turned four a few days ago!

For his birthday, we went to the Funplex since he wanted to go bowling, but I guess everyone had the same idea as the place was packed. Our wait time was an hour so while we were waiting, the kids decided to try the bumper cars. Fortunately, they had a specific area for the kids and except for a rough start, the kids enjoyed it. We then spent time on the arcade floor, which is always guaranteed to be fun especially when getting the prizes. By the end, no one really felt like bowling so we ended up just going home to have cake.

Lucky boy that he is, he ended up with two cake. The first cake we had was with us and his grandparents, uncles, aunt, and cousins. The second cake was just with us, which we had on his actual birthday.

We can’t believe how much DD has grown this past year. He’s talking so much; he’s now a chatterbox – always talking about trains or cars or buses. He loves reading and is always so excited when he learns something new. He’s a very sweet ‘yee gor’ – always making sure to share with MM, always ready to give a hug or a comforting pat, and always being thoughtful of what she likes. But then again, DD is just a very sweet boy overall. He’s always quick to say ‘I love you’ and is genuinely sorry when he does something wrong.

However, he does sometimes tend to be sensitive. One time when we told him he couldn’t do something, he told us “You’re breaking my heart!” Where do kids get these things?! He’s also pretty independent and is his own person, but you can tell he holds his ‘gor gor’ in high esteem because you can see him try to emulate some of the things HH does. All in all, we’re quite proud of our DD.

Happy birthday, my four year old! Mom and dad love you very much.

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