Conversations with Hong

December 22nd, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Hong has the best conversations.

The other weekend, the fire department was nice enough to have a Santa stop for our neighborhood. I guess it’s a big attraction because a lot of the neighborhood showed up; it was almost like Halloween again to see all the parents and their kids coming out. When they came, Santa came out and gave candy canes, while the other firemen let the kids see the fire truck. Hong and Dai Dai seemed to like the whole experience though I think they enjoyed looking over the fire truck more than their chat with Santa.

When we got home, Hong asked me, “Mama, why is his beard connected to his hat?” and then tells me his mustache moves up and down. Hahaha.. what an observant little boy he is! Hong’s not really into Santa but even he could tell this Santa didn’t seem right. Poor Santa, maybe they should get a better look-alike next year.

Hong’s very excited about Christmas but he’s been trying to not spill the beans on what the presents are. Anyway, the other day I asked him what my present was and here’s how our conversation went.

Me: Hong, what did Dad get me for Christmas?
Hong: Hmm… maybe it’s cables?
Me: Cables?
Hong: Well, maybe it’s not cables.
Me: Hong, is it cables?
Hong: Well, maybe it’s cables, maybe it’s not. I don’t know.

He tends to backtrack when he thinks he said something he shouldn’t have so I was really confused as to why I’d get cables as a present. Turns out he was referencing a previous conversation we had where I said we needed cables for our Wii. I guess he thought since we needed cables, maybe that would be a good present for me. It’s good he’s not superfluous, but man.. I’ve got to help him with buying presents for girls in the future. Hahaha.

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