Chicken a burger.. Just noodles

July 17th, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Happy 2.5 years to my little boy Hong!

Each day I look at him and I marvel at how much he’s grown. Physically, he’s about three feet now so he’s able to reach more. He loves trying to reach for pots, pans and food in the kitchen and turning the light switches on and off.  We’ve had to be more aware of where his curious little fingers can get into.  Luckily, nothing too dangerous.. unluckily for Sam it’s usually the computer or other electronics.

These days, he loves to help.. whenever he sees us doing something, he says ‘Hong hep’ and tries to do it himself. There’s nothing he doesn’t mind helping with.. cooking, laundry, fixing things w/Dad.. even cleaning, though I must admit we have to do more than a little encouraging to get him to clean up. He even enjoys waking up early to help Lolo and Lola with the gardening when we’re in SJ.

He still loves music; he still enjoys playing the piano and the drums.  However, he’s added the ukelele to his repertoire, singing and tapping his foot to the beat.

In terms of development, the growing list of vocabulary he’s mastering is amazing. He’s also starting to put sentences together more, though Sam and I still have to translate for others. I’d try to list all the words that he’s learned |it’s one of the things I wish I kept better track of| but there’s just too many; I’ll just be satisfied knowing he knows a lot. 🙂 Sam even says that he’s surprised by the Cantonese words that he knows. What a smart little boy! Now if he would only sit down long enough for study sessions. He’s way too active to sit down for any length of time.

His favorite sayings these days are “Chicken a burger” and “Just noodles”.  There’s been an idea thrown out that we should have a t-shirt with those slogans on it.  We’ll have to see about that.  I think it could be cute.

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