Baby S

October 19th, 2007   Stephanie   Three best friends   Comments Off on Baby S

I’ve read that each pregnancy is different, even for the same person and this pregnancy definitely supports that.? I started to show a lot earlier this time and though I wasn’t nauseous with Hong with this one, I had constant nausea month two to four.? I also seem to be a lot more tired these days and this pregnancy seems to be progressing quicker, , though I suppose that could be attributed to having a toddler to run after.

One thing I should note is that the first time I felt this baby move was very different from how I felt Hong.? On October 2, the baby made a very pronounced movement, while Hong’s first movement felt more like a little flutter that I was unsure at first as to what it was.

I have noticed that I am carrying the same was as I did before, which agrees with the ultrasound technician’s opinion that we’re having another boy.? However, you can’t ever really be 100% sure about those things, so I will be bringing along a blue and a green outfit to the hospital.? It doesn’t really matter though, as our one concern is that the baby is healthy; we don’t really have a preference as to whether it’s a boy or a girl.? The only thing is that with a girl, she’ll probably be named Samuelle, while we still have to decide on a boy name.