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…happy 26th birthday… happy birthday chesa ches and welcome to your late twenties there’ve been a lot of changes in the past year.. becoming a wife and […]  Read More»

Aug 26, 2005     3 Comments    
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…happy birthday sam… sam’s first birthday greeter was surprisingly not me.. but squiggly.. i’d been reading that i should be able to feel him/her starting from the […]  Read More»

Aug 20, 2005     3 Comments    
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one year

…happy anniversary… it’s been one year since sam and i exchanged our wedding vows.. a year that began memorably and one that saw many changes in our […]  Read More»

Aug 7, 2005     14 Comments    
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I am scared ..    my 1st year anniversary is coming..   and i think Steph already figured out her present..    she was talking in her sleep the other […]  Read More»

Aug 4, 2005     12 Comments    
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i’ve figured it out!!!   Ever since I moved to the US..  I realised that this country thrives on junk mail..   I get a ton of junk mail […]  Read More»

Jul 19, 2005     3 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… happy anniversary to my dearest husband sam… only one more month until our first year anniversary.. i’m so thankful for the past eleven months that we’ve […]  Read More»

Jul 7, 2005     1 Comment