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Its 2006..  and today I am back at work.    I worked from home yesterday, as there was a bit of a weather hazard on the roads and […]  Read More»

Jan 4, 2006     4 Comments    
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I am getting very excited..    Stephanie and I are expecting our first baby in 3 weeks..    that’s not far away..   and I am very excited to see […]  Read More»

Dec 23, 2005     2 Comments    
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I am stuck at work..   its been like this for the last few days. I have been having extreme difficulty with the place I work at.   There […]  Read More»

Dec 15, 2005     3 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… happy anniversary sam.. our one year, 4 month.. i love you Related posts: THREE eleven one.three ONE  Read More»

Dec 7, 2005     No Comments    
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Happy anniversary to my wife of 1 year 4 months!!   whoo hoo!! =)   that would be stephanie..   not some random person named wife. Related posts: 23-Dec-2005 7-Jan-2005 […]  Read More»

Dec 7, 2005     3 Comments    
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It snowed over the weekend..  and was suppose to snow a lot last night..    good thing it wasn’t as bad as it should have been.    The roads […]  Read More»

Dec 6, 2005     3 Comments