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the mall

…our first trip with samsam… Since it’s been nice the past few days, with the weather warming up, I’ve been trying to get Samsam out more.  The […]  Read More»

Apr 2, 2006     5 Comments    
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two months

Today, Samsam is two months old.. sometimes it seems like the two months went by very quickly.. and yet it went very slowly as well. When Samsam […]  Read More»

Mar 17, 2006     10 Comments    
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Currently Reading Aix 5l Practical Performance Tools And Tuning Guide By IBM Redbooks see related alright..    this post has been long overdue.. but a lot of small […]  Read More»

Mar 9, 2006     2 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… These days, we’re not able to date much due to Chi Hong, but I just wanted to say happy anniversary Sam. I love you. Related […]  Read More»

Mar 8, 2006     No Comments    
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birthday girl

…happy 5th bday miss amelia chan… Related posts: amelia sweet 26-Aug-2003 1-Nov-2002  Read More»

Feb 24, 2006     1 Comment    
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one month

…then and now… Here’s my little baby the day we brought him home from the hospital and another pic taken more recently. It’s surprising how time flies.. […]  Read More»

Feb 17, 2006     No Comments