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five months

…happy five months to chi hong… These days Samsam is quite the playful baby. During the past month, he’s mastered rolling over, sitting up w/minimal supervision, kicking […]  Read More»

Jun 17, 2006     3 Comments    
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four months

…happy 4 months samsam… Another month has passed, and Samsam is now four months old. Looking at the websites with all the milestones he’s supposed to have […]  Read More»

May 17, 2006     No Comments    
New Kids on the Block?!?!

New Kids on the Block?!?!

Currently Listening Hangin’ Tough By New Kids on the Block – Please don’t go girl Today I decided to work from home.. and I got to see […]  Read More»

May 12, 2006     3 Comments    
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My son turned 3 months a few weeks back.. and I am proud to say he has made a few friends.. Mr. Lion is currently one of […]  Read More»

May 1, 2006     2 Comments    
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three months

..happy 3 months to chi hong… The past few weeks have been busy since I last posted.. I celebrated my 28th birthday, Chi Hong was dedicated, my […]  Read More»

Apr 17, 2006     5 Comments    
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Baseball season starts!!!

The Major League Baseball season started yesterday with the Indians playing the White Sox. I love baseball.. and yesterday… my little Chi Hong and I watched a […]  Read More»

Apr 3, 2006     3 Comments