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Red Sox sweep Rockies to win World Series!

As you all may know, I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan.. and ever since the great run of 1986 where Boggs batted .357 and Clemens […]  Read More»

Oct 29, 2007     No Comments    
I blame Marchesa!

I blame Marchesa!

my son can’t stop saying ..  “Uh oh.. ”  over everything..   he didn’t even do anything bad.. he’ll just say it.    We’re playing with his toys.. and […]  Read More»

May 15, 2007     6 Comments    
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one thousand

…happy thousand day anniversary… we just got back from our day at nyc and we’re all tired, so i’ll have to blog about it at a later […]  Read More»

May 4, 2007     No Comments    
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batting a 1000.

Its very early in the morning right now. I just thought I would post something here to let everyone know. Today is Stephanie and my 1000th day […]  Read More»

May 4, 2007     4 Comments    
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Happy Birthday

I do not know where to start..  I don’t know where to start…  and did i mention..  i don’t know where to start. Today..  is my baby […]  Read More»

Jan 17, 2007     5 Comments    
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one year

…hello my one year old boy… This time last year, I was being admitted to the hospital with my contractions coming every 2-3 minutes. It was a […]  Read More»

Jan 17, 2007     9 Comments