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ok.. finally uploaded digipics to my ofoto account.. the sjbci 14th anniversary and also the retreat.. sorry for the lateness but my poor modem can’t upload so […]  Read More»

Oct 18, 2002     4 Comments    
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my coworkers have been urging me to go to the nine west outlet in mt. kisco so today during lunch, i drove over w/my friend marisol to […]  Read More»

Oct 17, 2002     14 Comments    
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got my new laptop working today.. the guy came by, took my laptops and two hours later, came back w/my new improved laptop all set up.. very […]  Read More»

Oct 15, 2002     14 Comments    
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ok, so i made some updates to my page.. someone was complaining he was going blind w/the brightness of the background.. so a few changes.. on the […]  Read More»

Oct 14, 2002     11 Comments    
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i tire of venting about work but as i am, once again, in the midst of the worst days of my close.. i can’t avoid it.. currently, […]  Read More»

Oct 6, 2002     4 Comments    
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got back to ct last night.. chelle kindly picked me up at newark, went to mt. fuji and watched mothman prophecies with brownies and ice cream .. […]  Read More»

Sep 29, 2002     9 Comments