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last night, i finally went to see les miserables with some co-workers.. we took the train down to the city, had dinner at a mexican restaurant, and […]  Read More»

Nov 15, 2002     12 Comments    
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hmm.. pondering the whole premium thing.. but i just can’t reconcile myself to paying just to format my blog a pretty way.. anyway, finished my review and […]  Read More»

Nov 11, 2002     17 Comments    
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today’s word of the day reminded me of chesa.. so i thought i’d post it and share with everyone : quid pro quo    \kwid-proh-KWOH\    (noun) […]  Read More»

Nov 5, 2002     14 Comments    
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well, it’s finally friday.. tuesday was thea’s bday, wednesday was marisol’s bday, and thurs was halloween.. wednesday we went out for lunch to a greek diner for […]  Read More»

Nov 1, 2002     7 Comments    
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sunday night.. was waiting for the world series game to be finished as sam is watching.. anyway, a run down of the weekend.. ‘the debut’ on friday […]  Read More»

Oct 27, 2002     11 Comments    
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tuesday night.. watching smallville.. well, flipping through channels and landed here.. ah, i remember the days when i was still unemployed, watching smallville w/my sis kristie anyway, […]  Read More»

Oct 22, 2002     9 Comments