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Ahh…   finally have a bit of time to write a xanga entry. Just came back from visiting my family in Toronto with Steph..   we drove there..  and […]  Read More»

Jun 28, 2005     1 Comment    
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another weekend off..  that’s great!  =)   the better news is I work on monday (which is a Canadian holiday) and I get that as overtime..  so that’s […]  Read More»

May 21, 2005     4 Comments    
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had a wonderful weekend getaway with in-laws this past weekend…   fell and hit myself on a bbq..   darn cats! i also got a offer from the job […]  Read More»

May 11, 2005     2 Comments    
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its been a hectic week for me these recent days..    but it looks like with today’s market being so unpredictable..   i am finally able to settle on […]  Read More»

Apr 27, 2005     1 Comment    
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so its friday night..  and i am stuck at work when there is absolutely no customers in. woke up in the morning to an unpleasant e-mail about […]  Read More»

Apr 22, 2005     5 Comments    
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more glorious info from this horrible place I work at..    the management wants to create 12 hour work days..   this is ok.. but the issue is I […]  Read More»

Apr 19, 2005     2 Comments