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I am currently having a conversation with Marchesa..   we’re discussing why during my birthday it went unnoticed .. and since yesterday was Thea’s bday..  they had this […]  Read More»

Oct 30, 2002     11 Comments    
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another tuesday..  another work day..    ugh. =) did everyone remember to change their clocks??   my goodness..   this daylight saving time thing is very annoying..  my internal clock […]  Read More»

Oct 29, 2002     7 Comments    
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Well well well..   after the worldwind of notes that I sent to the customer and mgmt here..   regarding that whole issue that I worked on in Dallas..   […]  Read More»

Oct 23, 2002     3 Comments    
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got into work today..    immediately got voice mail to do three things at once..   not to mention..  all three were for three different people..   and three different […]  Read More»

Oct 22, 2002     4 Comments    
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well..  my last night in Dallas..  tomorrow i fly back to Toronto. =)   I will be happy to get back into the city..  first ..  i  will […]  Read More»

Oct 20, 2002     3 Comments    
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saturday morning..   and i see more grey weather..  ugh..   it makes you feel very gloomy…   so what’s there to do in Dallas?   Dave and I..  (dave’s the […]  Read More»

Oct 19, 2002     2 Comments