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Friday is here.. and yes..  i have to work tomorrow..  so ..  not much of a weekend to do anything..   i will have to get some shopping […]  Read More»

Nov 8, 2002     4 Comments    
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Currently Reading: Ah64 Apache in Action ok folks..  am I wearing a kick me sign?!?!    This is horrible..   yesterday for my nightly walk..   i hear this whizzing […]  Read More»

Nov 7, 2002     4 Comments    
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morning..  its tuesday..   and nothing much has been happening..    well..  my niece came into my room and saw a loppy pop .. and insisted to have it..  […]  Read More»

Nov 5, 2002     4 Comments    
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hi everyone..  i am currently having an online chat with a Bell Canada rep..   she is trying to sell me the ExpressVU satelite tv system..     i am […]  Read More»

Nov 2, 2002     2 Comments    
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ok.. ok..  I am a little calmer than I was yesterday..    my goodness.. that co-worker irks me. i have been meaning to post this for a long time.. […]  Read More»

Oct 31, 2002     3 Comments    
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ok..   2nd entry of the day.. We have a winner in the office.   a classic idiot..  i dunno if he’s an idiot.. or if he’s handicapped..   this […]  Read More»

Oct 30, 2002     4 Comments