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here’s a beauty..   i get paged at 6:40am this morning..    its too early for me to expect anyone in the office..  and its too late for me […]  Read More»

Jan 9, 2003     1 Comment    
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 I cannot believe it..   my nice long update was deleted..    it must be the bums that want me to go to Xanga Premium!   Related posts: 23-Dec-2003 11-Sep-2002 […]  Read More»

Jan 8, 2003     3 Comments    
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My thoughts on episode III.    I am seriously thinking of writing to George Lucas on the possibility of acting in the upcoming Star Wars movie. I would […]  Read More»

Dec 30, 2002     6 Comments    
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today ..  we’re having family over..  my sister is bringing her kids over for dinner..  whoo hoo! =) I have been playing this song over and over..   […]  Read More»

Dec 29, 2002     3 Comments    
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today is Christmas..   =) Today is also my new niece’s first month.   so we went over to my sister’s place..  and wished them a Merry Christmas..   i […]  Read More»

Dec 25, 2002     2 Comments    
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Currently Watching: True Lies well..  its friday.. and haven’t updated xanga in days. =(   mainly because i have been fumbling and bumbling with my computer..   just installing and […]  Read More»

Dec 20, 2002     6 Comments