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its joe millionaire fever..   i was sooo shocked when zora was picked..    i swear that the blonde girl sarah was the choice..   because evan kept on saying […]  Read More»

Feb 18, 2003     5 Comments    
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this reminded me so much of one of my co-workers if i ever get one of these phone calls. Related posts: Feb 12 Feb 3 18-Feb-2003 […]  Read More»

Feb 13, 2003     1 Comment    
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Currently Playing: Crowded House – don’t dream its over sooo..  today is the 12th..  my goodness.. its so close to Valentine’s Day..    and usually for Valentines Day..  […]  Read More»

Feb 12, 2003     3 Comments    
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Good morning..  =)     I got to work early this morning..   *sigh*..  its quiet in the office when i got in..  but i noticed a few people already […]  Read More»

Feb 7, 2003     2 Comments    
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Its Chinese New Years Eve….    sooo..   it’s close to new years ..  whoo hoo!! =) its been a long time since i last wrote..   why .. and […]  Read More»

Jan 31, 2003     2 Comments    
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Happy Birthday Michelle!!!   its your birthday..   and you’re suppose to be happy! Related posts: 21-Jan-2003 11-Jan-2003 31-Jan-2003 3-Jan-2003  Read More»

Jan 10, 2003     3 Comments