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Father-sons moment

I had a father-sons outing last night after dinner with Hongs and Sephin. We were rewarding Hongs for his great work on his Chinese midterm and how […]  Read More»

Nov 8, 2011     No Comments    
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Testing iPhone blogging

Here comes the train. Testin the iPhone blogging capabilities for the website. This looks promising. No pictures now. Related posts: School Website  Read More»

Aug 5, 2009     No Comments    
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New beginnings…

I started my first week at my new job.   So far it has been a bit slow as I am still getting my system ids and access […]  Read More»

Sep 8, 2008     1 Comment    
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Hong and Wall-e

Today I took Hong to his first movie experience.  He hasn’t been bugging to go, but I thought it would be fun to take him to see […]  Read More»

Jun 29, 2008     4 Comments    
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Births.. Birthdays.

I wanted to congratulate the Mak family with the birth of their new baby boy Adam Derrick.   Congratulations to Chris and Kristine..  and of course to big […]  Read More»

Jun 26, 2008     No Comments    
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Dinky Dinky Doo??

Hong Hong has been gradually building his vocabulary and developing his boyish behaviours. Some things that we definitely noticed about him is that he loves to mimic […]  Read More»

Apr 22, 2008     3 Comments