Thirty + five

August 20th, 2010   Stephanie   Announcements   No Comments

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, Sam who celebrated his birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, he had to work so it wasn’t a day-long celebration. Fortunately, my sister was kind enough to babysit and the kids were happy to play with their cousins so we were able to enjoy a nice sushi dinner kid-free. To make up for it though, we brought back some ice cream cake. You can see that was quite a hit.

Anyway, happy birthday Sam. I pray God continues to bless you greatly this year. You know I love you and though we’re starting to feel it, I’m glad to be growing older with you.

On a side note, birthday greetings to my sister-in-law Joyce. Hopefully she’s able to enjoy her special day today with her family, good company, and good food.

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