Seph at 7 month

September 21st, 2008   Stephanie   Announcements, Three best friends   No Comments

Happy seven months to Sephin!  This past month Seph has perfected his scooting technique.  He moves quickly and can change direction so he’s been getting acquainted with all the rooms in our apartment. 09082SephCrawl.wmvUnfortunately, it means he’s getting very acquainted with the entertainment system, but I guess it’s expected when the lights catch his eye.  We also notice that he typically likes to be where his big brother is; when Hong goes to another room, Seph will start moving towards that room and if Hong goes somewhere else, he follows and changes directions.  That’s actually how he started exploring.. a few days ago, he was playing in our living room when Hong went into his room.  Next thing you know, Seph started scooting to Hong’s room as well.  He also likes our non-carpeted rooms (kitchen, foyer, bathroom) as I think he enjoys the contrast of the cool floors.. or maybe it’s because he can make louder noises on the floors with his hands.  Click on the image to see his scooting skills in action.

Seph is also starting to sit on his own.  He can pull himself up to seated position and hold himself for a while.  Though he sometimes topples over or has to switch to a different position, you can really tell that he’s becoming aware that the sitting position is where it’s at.  He rarely ever just lays down for long lengths of time.  He’s either on his tummy, scooting, or sitting.. he’s really starting to progress from baby to little boy. 🙂

Speaking of progress, Seph’s doing wonderful with his solids.  In the past month, he’s gone through pretty much all the first stage jar foods and starting on second stage, ie two or more ingredients.  He’s also increased his intake which is something we wanted to work on since on his six month checkup, his pediatriation said he hadn’t gained enough weight and we had to watch out for that.  Thankfully, he hasn’t had any negative reactions so hopefully his success with solids continues.

Lastly, Seph’s had a slight makeover this past month.  Thanks to Lolo, Seph got a new haircut.. his bangs were trimmed and his hair was tidied up.  Doesn’t he look adorable?  He was even well behaved for his haircut session.

Sephs first haircut

On a different note, happy belated birthday to my brother Freddie who celebrated another year on September 11th.  Thanks To, for all you do and your care of us.  We hope this year will bring you more and more blessings. We love you.

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