Seph and Sam

August 21st, 2008   Stephanie   Announcements, Three best friends   No Comments

Happy six months to our little boy Seph.  These days he loves rolling over and over and has added a sort of inchworm-esque movement so he’s quite mobile.  When we put him down, next thing we know, he’s already on the other side.  We expect in a couple months or so, he should be crawling.  He has yet to master sitting on his own, but he does a good job with minimal support so again, we expect he’ll be reaching that milestone soon.

One milestone that we think he’ll be reaching soon is the appearance of his first two teeth.  We’ve been expecting it for a couple of months now since he started to drool quite a bit, but the past couple of days he’s been extra fussy and he seems to be wanting to chew on things more than usual.  Hopefully it’s not too much longer.. it’s so sad seeing him so uncomfortable.

We started him on solids last week, and so far he seems to be doing well.. there’s no adverse reactions but his tongue-thrust reflex is still present so we’re expecting it’ll take a little while longer to get him used to it.  Thankfully, he seems to be getting a little bit more used to it each day.

He’s partial to electronics |must be Sam’s genes manifesting themselves| and he’s playing more with the toys that adorn our living room floor.  He’s quite adept at picking up stuff and holding them.. and seems to enjoy pulling at my hair.  He spends quite a lot of time looking and smiling up at Hong and loves it when Hong tries to play with him; he adores his Kuya.  He giggles incessantly whenever Hong does a sort of peek-a-boo game with him.

Happy birthday to Sam who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, August 19th.  We were planning to spend the day in NYC but decided against it due to questionable weather.  Instead, we ended up at the Palisades mall and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Though it was a small celebration, it’s always nice spending quality time with each other and the kids.

Happy birthday, darling.  You know Hong, Seph, and I love you a LOT!!!  We pray God will continue to guide and bless you this year especially with all the changes and adjustments coming up.

Lastly, best wishes to Joyce who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  We wish we could’ve been there to celebrate with you. Hope it was a good one!

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