Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Aquino

September 27th, 2010   Stephanie   Announcements   No Comments

Congratulations to our friends Melody and Raph who were married September 18th.

I’ve known Mel since she was a little girl wearing frilly dresses and folded socks and I consider her like another little sister so it was a little unreal to see her walk down the aisle as a bride. With that said, it was a wonderful ceremony, probably one of the most original ones we’ve had the privilege of attending. Thanks Mel and Raph for allowing us to participate in your special day. It was a beautiful ceremony and we’re so happy for the two of you. Hong felt very honored to have the responsibility of being the ring bearer for his ninang and Sam was quite nervous about making sure to get the cord positioned just right ^_^.

I wasn’t able to get too many pictures of the ceremony or the reception as Sienna was pretty much attached to me the whole day, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids especially loved the dance floor and even Sephin has now joined his brother in being a dance floor lover. They also LOVED the photobooth.. I think they were probably the ones that took the most pictures there.. hahaha.

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