Out with the old.. in with the new.

January 2nd, 2008   Sam   Announcements   4 Comments

As most of you know by now, I sold our TV (the Panasonic 50LC13 50″ widescreen rear projection set) before Christmas break. I just felt like it was time to change it out as we had our warranty expire on it.

What did we get in its replacement? Something thin.. something much more thinner than the Panasonic. I opted for the Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U. This is a 52″ LCD flat panel that is capable of resolving a full HD image (1080p). It was a choice between a bunch of Sony tvs and Samsungs.. but ultimately price and features narrowed it down to the Sharp model.

After not having a TV in our living room, I could sense the withdrawal of the old set from my son, because when he saw the new box delivered.. he eagerly tried his best to help me unpack it.

As I get acclimated to this sets features and settings, I will put together a more comprehensive review of it, but so far, it is a very nice looking set.

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  • You should put pics of Hong trying to help w/the tv 🙂

  • am jealous.

  • i’ll trade you the tv for a pair of speakers, pre-amp, and amplifier… 😉

  • I’m a little jealous … i’m more jealous of sam’s super computer

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