Mother’s Day 2008

May 11th, 2008   Stephanie   Announcements, Three best friends   3 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. My mom is traveling to the Philippines this weekend so we couldn’t celebrate with her, but I hope she knows how much she is loved.

As for me, this is my first Mother’s Day with two little boys. To mark the occasion, Hong cooked his first meal for me.. a Mother’s Day breakfast. This morning, he came into the room and said ‘Up mama’ wanting to get in bed with me and urged me to wake up. He then handed me his Mother’s Day card which I could tell he picked out since it had Mickey Mouse | or ‘Mow’ in Hong-ese | and also had an outline of his tiny hand which he loves to do these days.

After getting ready, I got to the kitchen and found my breakfast on the table and Hong preparing my morning coffee with Dad. The breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, and toast and I must say that he did a great job! Maybe we should get him to cook more often. It seems like he really enjoyed himself. The only thing he needs work on is his coffee; since he has no real concept of measurement, he didn’t put in enough sugar and milk. I was really touched by his hard work so I left his concoction as is.

Thanks Hong, Seph and Dad for making this such a memorable Mother’s Day. I feel so blessed to have such loving boys and a thoughtful husband. I love you.

To see more of Hong’s breakfast, go to our gallery.

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  • awe…soo cute Hong!!!
    Belated Happy Mother’s day Steph!

  • awe hongs…maybe one day he can cook with emma. she likes to mix the eggs and make my coffee. but unlike emma, hong will prolly help eat the food he cooked!

    i saw the pictures…hong is so excited. baby seph is like, why so many pictures??? hahahahahha..awe baby seph

  • aww belated happy mother’s day steph! i miss you guys…when are you guys coming down here?

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