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March 30th, 2010   Stephanie   Announcements, Life in General   3 Comments

Time seems to be getting away from me so please forgive me for squishing all the March happenings in one post.

Last week, we went to Canada to visit Sam’s family. The whole trip usually takes us 10 hours so we were a little nervous about the drive since it was the first time Sienna was making such a long trip but it seems God has blessed us with good travelers since she did pretty well; we only had to stop for dinner and a couple of stops to refuel. It was a really nice trip getting to spend time with Sam’s family again and of course meeting the two new babies, Aidan and Chloe. I think the boys especially enjoyed hanging out with their cousins.. and of course the easy access to bubble tea. :] While we were there, we had a lot of food related get-togethers.. lunch with Sam’s sister Joyce and her family, cake for my father in law’s birthday, lunch, a cooking session, and dinner with Sam’s sister Justine aka Dai Ga and her family, dim sum for my birthday, and lunch with Sam’s best friend Mike.

Our last night there, we attended Chloe’s first month celebration which was nice since the whole family could get together. The kids were pretty well behaved, ie they weren’t yelling too much nor were they running around all over the place. Sienna slept for half of the dinner so we were able to eat but the second half of the night, she was kept entertained by the waiters there. For some reason, she thought they were her next best friends so she kept squealing at them and smiling happily. They were nice enough to reciprocate her smiles and coos but when one of them left, she turned her body to watch wherever they were going. It was actually quite funny because she was really engaged and it seemed like she was flirting! I hope this is not an indication of her flirting skills, otherwise, Sam’s going to be very busy as she gets older. Hong also showed some flirting tendencies around 7 months and Seph is quite the charmer so I wonder if this is hereditary.

On our drive back, we stopped at Salmon Run Mall which is a mall about 30 mins from the Canadian-American border. There’s a ball machine sculpture called the Perpetuball Motion Machine there that Hong saw the last time we were there and he’s been asking to see it again for a while. We didn’t get to stop by on the way up so we made it a point to stop there on the way down as well as to give us a break and let the kids stretch their legs. Too bad there’s not one of those at our mall. Hong and Dai Dai enjoyed it so much, and even Mui Mui seemed fascinated by the rolling balls and chimes.

Happy anniversary to my parents who celebrated their anniversary on the 23rd. After all these years, it’s wonderful to see my parents still sweet to each other.

Also, congrats to my sister Marchesa and Perze who are closing on their first house tomorrow. We’re so excited for them.

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  • sorry i wasn’t able to go to toronto to see everyone. i hope you had a great time. the Princess Sienna and the boys have grown up so fast! 🙂

  • I think your visit was quite special too. Let’s hope the next visits will be even better…more cooking sessions? : )

  • June, the kids are definitely growing up fast. It’s a little sad but also exciting to watch. I can’t wait til Sienna’s walking around as well and running around with the boys.

    Daiga, Yes, we’ll have to pick something else we want to make for next time we’re up or if you guys come to visit. Our place has a much nicer kitchen than our apt so we have lots of room.

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