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kris23.jpgYears: Happy Birthday to my youngest sister Kristie who turns twenty-three today. I still remember when I found out my mom was pregnant with her; I was six and unwilling to share. I resented the idea of having another baby in the family, and it didn’t help that ‘she’ was supposedly a boy. Anyway, she was too cute to resist and the rest is history. Now she’s fully grown at twenty-three and about to graduate and embark on a new journey.

Happy Birthday, lub. This is an exciting time for you. You’ve grown into a pretty self-reliant person; be confident in yourself and your abilities and remember that you can do all things with God’s help. Also, remember we are here for you whenever you need us.

hong23.jpgMonths: It’s my baby’s last month as a one year old; next month, he turns two. Everyday, I notice more and more how he’s developing. He’s speaking more |and louder|, becoming more assertive, trying to do more, becoming more aware of things and concepts, and it’s amazing. This is a picture of him doing one of new tricks, saying ‘shhhhh’. He likes to do it if we’re being too loud but also when we’re scolding him so you can imagine how difficult it is to be firm. He’s such a funny little boy. It seems like yesterday he was gazing up at me with his gummy smile and now not only is he generous with his beautiful smile, to show his affection, he says ‘huc’ |hug| and gives kisses.

Happy twenty-three months, Hong. Try not to grow up too fast.

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  • i like the layout of your blogs te…you should put your feed up more on your facebook…i had to scroll down to find it.

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