Happy Birthday, Ate!

July 2nd, 2008   Stephanie   Announcements   1 Comment

Em at three years oldHappy birthday to Em who turned three yesterday!

My sister Marchesa had been urging me to bring the boys to visit them so Mom, Hong, Seph and I drove up to celebrate with the birthday girl.  Em greeted us in a usual stylish outfit and we had just enough time for lunch before we went off to Baby Gym.  I’m not sure how Hong knew of baby gym.. maybe Em’s been singing it’s praises to him.. but all morning he’d been saying ‘Mama.. baby gym’ so he was really excited when we finally got there and he was able to run around with Em. Afterwards, we cooled off at this lovely fountain nearby while Em and Hong made wishes and depleted Marchesa of her pennies.

All in all, it was really nice that I was able to go there with my mom and the kids especially since it’s rare that we’re home and even rarer that we actually get to visit my sister.  I only wish we could do it more often.

Click here for pictures of her birthday.

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  • thanks hongs for coming over and urging your mom to go to baby gym. ate really misses you…she asked lola, when she called her, to talk to you because she thought you lived in lola’s house since she’s seen you 3 weeks in a row.

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