Happy birthday, Pa

June 8th, 2011   Stephanie   Announcements   No Comments

Happy birthday to my Pa who celebrates his birthday today. One of my earliest memories of him is his Chiz Curls trick. One day, he came and “magically” pulled out a bag of Chiz Curls out of thin air. I remember being so awestruck when he pulled out that bag; I thought “Yay, cheese curls all the time, as much as we want.” However, he told us he could only do it on specific days and since I was didn’t know the days of the week, I never knew when the magical day was so my dad always had an out. Hahaha, my dad’s such a trickster.

Happy birthday, Pa. We’ve missed you a lot while you’ve been away. We pray that God will shower you with many blessings this year and give you many more years.

Also, happy belated birthday to my SIL Justine who celebrated her birthday on May 29th. Happy birthday, Daiga!!

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