Chinese New Year 2008

February 7th, 2008   Samuanie   Announcements   No Comments

Gong hay fat choy!

We’ve been looking forward to and planning our menu for Chinese New Year’s Eve rat.jpgso we were really excited about it. We’re not the best cooks in the world, but we’ve been trying to improve our culinary skills. At least Hong won’t remember too much if our experiments don’t do as well as we think. Anyway, this is the third year we’ve made our New Year’s Eve dinner together; we spent our first in Toronto with the family and the rest in Fishkill either due to the weather or due to babies. Usually there’s a few dishes and last year we made too much food so this year, we made about the same number of dishes, but just less of it. We probably still need to work on the timing but we think we did a pretty good job this year.

Here’s our menu.. let us know what you think.

  • Chicken broccoli
  • Sweet & sour beef
  • Pork dumplings
  • Tempura shrimp & vegetables
  • Vermicelli with vegetables
  • Steamed tilapia with ginger
  • Rotisserie chicken

Our dinner spread
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