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April 29th, 2008   Stephanie   Announcements   No Comments

Congratulations to Cecilia and Stephen!!

Last Sunday, the four of us trekked out to NYC to attend my friend Cecilia’s wedding. Cecilia’s one of the few people from HS who I’ve actually kept in touch with over the years so we were happy we could go even with the difficulty of bringing along a toddler and infant. The wedding was held at Tribeca Rooftop and though it was simple, I thought it was a lovely wedding. It was especially nice since I hadn’t seen my friend Susie since her wedding in California last June and my friend Maryann for a couple of years. I just wish we could get together more often.

Hong and Sephin were quite the well behaved little boys.  Seph spent the majority of the time sleeping and Hong slept during the ceremony, but it was probably so he could rest up for the reception.

Hong LOVED the dance floor.. or maybe it was the ladies on it. Either way, he spent pretty much the whole night dancing. Poor Sam kept getting dragged back to the dance floor, but once they were there, Hong would go up to a girl.. or girls and just start dancing. Even the guys were charmed by Hong’s antics. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the dance floor so I missed a lot of photo ops. Ah well, at least we have a couple more weddings to go to where I can see the dancer in action.

You can see our pictures in our gallery.

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