Births.. Birthdays.

June 26th, 2008   Sam   Announcements, Life in General   No Comments

I wanted to congratulate the Mak family with the birth of their new baby boy Adam Derrick.   Congratulations to Chris and Kristine..  and of course to big brother Ryan!

I also want to congratulate our friend Susan..   Susan and her husband Andrew had their second baby..  a baby girl named Kaitlyn.   If Cameron is a big brother like how Hong’s is..  I am sure Susan and Andrew have a lot of extra help.  Congrats!

This month has been filled with a lot of birthdays too..   Stephanie’s dad celebrated his birthday..  We were not there to celebrate the actual birthdate (they were flying back from a nice long vacation)..  but we were back in Sewell to celebrate his birthday along with father’s day with him.

My baby sister Karen celebrated her birthday too..   too bad we were not available to take a trip up north to celebrate..  but we all thought of her and also wondered what kind of cake they had. =)   Happy Birthday Beebs!

My sister June also celebrates her birthday.. but also her wedding anniversary.   Happy Birthday Yeats!  and Happy anniversary to you and Jeff!

Lastly..   but certainly not least..   my adorable niece Amanda graduated from kindergarten..  and had her graduation this month.    Congrats to Amanda..   Lots of love from your auntie, uncle and cousins.

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