New niece

February 12th, 2010   Samuanie   Announcements   1 Comment

Congratulations to Joyce and Samuel whose baby girl arrived yesterday and just in time for Chinese New Year. This is definitely one of those times we wish we lived closer so we could be with you in this special time. Since we won’t see you til next month, be sure to take lots of pictures. Congrats again Joyce and Samuel and also to big brother Anson. Welcome to the family baby girl.. we can’t wait to meet you.

That brings the Ng grandchildren to eight, four boys and four girls. Weird thing is that each family had one child born in February and one in October so there’s three grandchildren born February [Amelia, Sephin, and now baby girl], three in October [Anson, Sienna, Aidan]. Cool, eh? I’m thinking big birthday celebrations those months since it’s three in one.

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  • You are absolutely right…the kids like to be born on certain months!!! These coincidences are very special because it seems like they are just meant to be.

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