Sam was born August 19th in Toronto, Canada. He’s part of a big family, with two older sisters and two younger sisters which has now grown to include a couple of brother-in-laws, three nieces, and two nephews. Being technically inclined, he studied at University of Toronto, graduating with an Industrial Engineering degree.

These days, he uses his super knowledge of AIX as a lead systems engineer at a financial services company. When he’s not working, he’s got a lot of hobbies occupying his time. One of his major loves is baseball so he’s usually watching/reading all things baseball. If not, he’s reading up on cars, tech stuff like tvs and computers, or Star Wars. He also likes watching movies and looking at home stuff to improve our house.

The other big thing about Sam is that he loves being a father; our children are the loves of his life and he takes his dad role very seriously. He hugs them when they cry, plays with them to make them giggle, and stays up with them all night when they need to. He even insists on having special “dad and me” times. He’s so yeah!!


Steph was born on March 25th, in the beautiful country of Philippines. She is the second of four kids.

Steph currently is enjoying being a stay at home wife, concentrating on raising our two boys and baby girl. However, with looking after three very giggly babies.. Steph has found time to work on web page designs for not only our family but also for organizations we’re a part of. She also enjoys a few hours of ebay shopping if she can get it. Her recent victories include a bunch of Korean drama (take that “ilovekdrama88”!! and “dramama_so_ugly123”) and keeping the Ng Manor neat and tidy. This is a feat in itself, as the three Ng men currently love to be manly men and not clean up after themselves.

Stephanie enjoys being supermom.. a role she never knew she would be remotely good at.. but which she embraces.

Love and Marriage

Our kids

We have three beautiful children, Samuel aka Hong, Sephin aka Dai Dai, and Sienna aka Mui Mui.

Hong is and is a fun little boy, though definitely a handful. He’s an incessant talker and loves being loud and silly. He enjoys dancing, kung fu, and dinosaurs. He loves to be like dad, so he also enjoys baseball and and the way of the Jedi. He also loves to learn new things, which he loves to share with others. Hong loves being an older brother; he can be counted on to share his toys, hug and kiss his siblings, and look out for them.

Sephin is and is the best hugger. Whenever you pick him up, he hugs you back and even pats your back as if to show you affection. He’s also a little charmer; whenever we go anywhere, he always ends up hanging out with a girl.. must be his smile. These days, he loves all things cars and trains. He also loves to learn; one of his favorite books is a kid dictionary where he likes to label all the pictures. One of his best qualities is his sweetness, he loves his brother and sister and is quick to give them hugs and kisses.

Sienna is our youngest at . These days, she loves following her big brothers around. She roams the house saying ‘dor dor’ [her version of big brother]. She can usually be found next to one of them, watching tv, listening to music, or even doodling. She loves to dance and is starting to sing along to songs. Sienna also loves hide and seek.. whether it’s her hiding or whether she’s hid sometihng, she’s good at it. Although, she’s better at hiding things since we can’t decipher her way of thinking. When she’s hiding herself, she tends to give herself away with giggles.