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Styling comments in WordPress

A few months ago, I added Gravatars to the comments section but just recently noticed an issue. In my search to fix the problem, I came across […]  Read More»

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Olivia Grace

I met my friend Lidice in 2003 when we started in a new department at work and became officemates. Since then, we’ve become good friends and our […]  Read More»

Apr 14, 2008     2 Comments    
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Where art thou phone?

Yesterday, while I was trying a new recipe, Hong decided to hide my phone/pda from me. Since the recipe was on the phone, I really needed it […]  Read More»

Apr 9, 2008     1 Comment    
Party and dedication

Party and dedication

This past weekend was Seph and my party celebrating his arrival and as well as my 30th.. err 27 years + 36 months. We hadn’t been to […]  Read More»

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