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birthday girl

…happy 5th bday miss amelia chan… Related posts: amelia sweet 26-Aug-2003 1-Nov-2002  Read More»

Feb 24, 2006     1 Comment    
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one month

…then and now… Here’s my little baby the day we brought him home from the hospital and another pic taken more recently. It’s surprising how time flies.. […]  Read More»

Feb 17, 2006     No Comments    
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Finally had time to blog..      Just an update to those that read my blog..   yes..  I am a dad now..   the baby was born on January 17th..   […]  Read More»

Feb 13, 2006     4 Comments    
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…Chi Hong at week three… Here’s Chi Hong during one of his daytime naps, now 8lbs 5oz.. 2lbs 4oz more than his birth weight and wearing a […]  Read More»

Feb 11, 2006     7 Comments    
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feb 7 two sams.. I’ve been asked a few times how I differentiate between my two Sams.. baby Sam is still sometimes referred to as Squiggly, but I’ve […]  Read More»

Feb 7, 2006     2 Comments