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…and baby makes three… I’m pressed for time these days and it’s taken me quite longer than I expected to post, but let me introduce the newest […]  Read More»

Jan 27, 2006     13 Comments    
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…for those who are interested… It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted.. I’ve been preoccupied with tying up loose ends at work and preparing for […]  Read More»

Jan 16, 2006     6 Comments    
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I cannot wait until I get to leave this job I have.   Today, my manager again did not back me up at a meeting.  One person indicated […]  Read More»

Jan 13, 2006     5 Comments    
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Its 2006..  and today I am back at work.    I worked from home yesterday, as there was a bit of a weather hazard on the roads and […]  Read More»

Jan 4, 2006     4 Comments