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Merry Christmas

from our family to yours… merry christmas, everyone!! Related posts: Merry Christmas christmas Christmas 2011 Merry Christmas  Read More»

Dec 24, 2006     1 Comment    
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Its been a long time since I last updated..   so what are some of the developments?   well.. my son is much bigger than before.. and is very […]  Read More»

Sep 8, 2006     5 Comments    
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seven months

As Samsam turns seven months, he has yet to master sitting upright by himself. We’re really looking forward to this as it will mean we won’t be […]  Read More»

Aug 17, 2006     6 Comments    
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Two years

happy anniversary sam..         to be edited at a future time.. Related posts: 1400 days or 3 years 10 months one.four one.two  Read More»

Aug 7, 2006     No Comments    
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six months

…samsam’s half year… It’s already mid July and it seems as if Summer’s quickly passing by. I’m not sure if it’s because my days/weeks/months are measured by […]  Read More»

Jul 17, 2006     3 Comments    
one year

one year

…happy birthday emem… Happy birthday to my crazy beautiful niece Emmanuelle Grace. It’s been such a wonder to see you grow and develop this year. You’re such […]  Read More»

Jul 1, 2006     1 Comment