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let this be a lesson..   never ever complain about work while driving..    I was driving..   going through my head regarding a meeting I will have this afternoon..    […]  Read More»

Nov 18, 2005     6 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… i’ve definitely neglected my xanga.. though i am still wandering around, peeking into others’ lives, i’ve been quite busy and really haven’t had time to […]  Read More»

Nov 7, 2005     8 Comments    
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Happy anniversary ..  today is month 15. Related posts: 7-Jan-2005 ONE THREE one.four  Read More»

Nov 7, 2005     3 Comments    
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It is pretty sad when I wake up and before I head out to work.. I dread being at work. It used to take me about 3 […]  Read More»

Oct 17, 2005     5 Comments    
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I am working from home today.. and gosh.. the rain has been pouring down here over the last few days.   In fact some of the roads that […]  Read More»

Oct 13, 2005     3 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… i’m in the process of cleaning up a bit and getting ready to go to sj, so i’ll keep this short for now.. just wanted […]  Read More»

Oct 7, 2005     1 Comment