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march 23

happy anniversary to my parents.. as the years go by, they seem to get sweeter.. knowing the problems and trials they’ve faced together, it’s really very encouraging.. […]  Read More»

Mar 23, 2005     5 Comments    
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Today is my daddy’s birthday..   normally we would celebrate on the lunar calendar, but I am not sure the exact dates..  my dad just says its March […]  Read More»

Mar 22, 2005     5 Comments    
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drove in to work.. and it was very windy.   a lot of happened since i last posted..   i am currently going through a bit of issues with […]  Read More»

Mar 9, 2005     4 Comments    
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…happy anniversary… i’m quite busy these days due to work, but since today is sam and my seventh month anniversary, i thought i should blog.. it’s somewhat […]  Read More»

Mar 7, 2005     7 Comments    
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At work..    again, I am reminded how horrible this job is..  but I continue to say that its something to keep me busy.   I just had a […]  Read More»

Mar 2, 2005     3 Comments