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I am driving on I87 (southbound)..  for those that don’t know..  I-87 has a speed limit of 65mph…   i left for work at a reasonable time..   so […]  Read More»

Jan 25, 2005     6 Comments    
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Currently Watching I, Robot (Widescreen Edition) By Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood see related guess who got their US Permanent Resident card??  =) the next thing […]  Read More»

Jan 22, 2005     2 Comments    
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I made a terrible mistake..    I made a date..   and I don’t think I can honour it for tonight..    I thought it was friday..    the wife won’t […]  Read More»

Jan 13, 2005     1 Comment    
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ok ok..  the good news to start the New Year off..     Stephanie and I did our interview for my US Permanent Resident papers..   and I did get […]  Read More»

Jan 11, 2005     4 Comments    
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Another weekend..   and here I am..  stuck at work until midnight..   I don’t like that feeling at all.   working on a weekend just feels so .. blah.  […]  Read More»

Jan 8, 2005     1 Comment    
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Today is the 7th of the month..   which tells me its a monthiversary for Stephanie and I..    hmmm..  friday night..  and I am at work..  so its […]  Read More»

Jan 7, 2005     2 Comments