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Uhh…   was it Stephanie’s birthday yesterday??   no wonder she was cranky when i said ..   “i have to log on to work to do something.”   Good thing […]  Read More»

Mar 26, 2004     2 Comments    
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…a mini mini blog.. i’m inundated w/work these days and haven’t had time to properly write a blog.. and even though i still don’t have the time, […]  Read More»

Mar 24, 2004     12 Comments    
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only a few more days of winter in two days, it will be spring.. hard to believe when we’ve been bombarded w/snow the past few days.. the […]  Read More»

Mar 19, 2004     3 Comments    
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ok..   it’s been months since my last posting..    and the reason..  i have have been swamped at work..    my team knows of my departure to the US.. and […]  Read More»

Mar 6, 2004     8 Comments    
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p r é c i s

…a synopsis of the past few weeks… well, the past few weeks have definitely been exciting and filled w/news.. i’ve been occupied w/work [somewhat a usual occurrence] […]  Read More»

Feb 26, 2004     6 Comments    
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…when will it all end… this morning, like every weekday morning, i got up and prepared to go to work.. i got as far as my parking […]  Read More»

Feb 4, 2004     4 Comments