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Red Sox win

My goodness!!! that was just wicked awesome! I am going to grow a beard and get shaggy hair now!! whoo hoo.. we win! Related posts: go red […]  Read More»

Oct 28, 2004     3 Comments    
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go red sox!!

…2004 world series champions… whoo hoo!!!! red sox win game 4 against the st. louis cardinals 3-0.. their 8th game win in a row.. congratulations red sox!! […]  Read More»

Oct 27, 2004     2 Comments    
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game 7

…red sox win 10-3… who would’ve thought they would be able to do it.. coming back from a 3 game lead and winning the series.. whoo hoo!!!! […]  Read More»

Oct 21, 2004     4 Comments    
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So now I have a NYS license..   they even took my Ontario License to boot..   I should be getting the actual sometime soon. Had a long conversation […]  Read More»

Oct 20, 2004     3 Comments    
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here we go again.. went to get my New York State driver license today..   to trade in my Ontario license.   This is the only way i can […]  Read More»

Oct 15, 2004     1 Comment    
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Happy Thanksgiving!!   As you guessed it..  today is Thanksgiving in Canada..  and Stephanie and I had a small thanksgiving dinner.  I didn’t have work today, so I […]  Read More»

Oct 11, 2004     9 Comments