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back to work today..   Ugh!!  it is very cold out..  and the snow last night did not really help..  my poor silverbullet had so much snow on […]  Read More»

Dec 20, 2004     3 Comments    
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kristie’s bday

i have to rework this entry later since we’re currently entertaining sam’s family.. but just wanted to wish kristie a happy birthday, though a bit belated.. Related […]  Read More»

Dec 18, 2004     6 Comments    
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my family is going to be here!!!   hurray!!!  I spoke to Mike at 4:30am..  and he said they passed the border..  so we’re all  excited!!!  =)  My […]  Read More»

Dec 18, 2004     3 Comments    
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I am terribly confused..  I have gone thru my apartment inside out..   and I cannot seem to find where Stephanie hid my Christmas present.    I am seriously […]  Read More»

Dec 16, 2004     5 Comments    
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Alright..    another day at work..  its a bit quiet..  but I just finished my dinner. =) Did the thing that was posted on Marchesa’s xanga…   looks like […]  Read More»

Dec 15, 2004     3 Comments    
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alright..   stuck at work for this weekend..  Christmas is getting closer..  and my family will be here next weekend. Christmas shopping should be almost complete..   I got most […]  Read More»

Dec 11, 2004     3 Comments