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…digital gear… most people know i am attracted to shiny new techy toys.. here is something that caught my eye.. it’s doubtful i’ll ever break down and […]  Read More»

Nov 18, 2004     10 Comments    
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…winter’s commencement… the past few days have been quite chilly and the weather channel predicted snow showers tomorrow morning, but it seems it has come early.. this […]  Read More»

Nov 12, 2004     6 Comments    
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ok.. here is something very very very unusual.. I got to work .. and sat down to have a small smack .. M&Ms.. I have my water.. […]  Read More»

Nov 11, 2004     8 Comments    
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…happy third month… this past sunday was sam’s and my 3rd month anniversary.. we were in jersey so the morning was spent in church and though we […]  Read More»

Nov 9, 2004     5 Comments    
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how much bad luck can someone get??!?!    Last night driving home..    I got pulled over..    the cop did a check on my license.   He said I looked […]  Read More»

Nov 3, 2004     4 Comments    
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more bad news again..    looks like because of the slow gov’t here in the US (or anywhere really)..   I’ve gone thru 5 years of university to become […]  Read More»

Nov 2, 2004     No Comments