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happy birthday

…to mr. jacob deleon… ok, so i could’ve chosen another picture.. but after seeing chesa’s blog, i just enjoyed this picture way too much.. happy birthday, chico.. […]  Read More»

Sep 21, 2004     3 Comments    
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september 11

…happy belated birthday, kuya… i’m a little late in my xanga birthday greeting.. but i just wanted to say happy birthday, kuya .. you’ve been such a […]  Read More»

Sep 13, 2004     No Comments    
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Ugh..  i can’t believe this..    so i work the crappy shifts here..   and now the team lead there wants me to work the weekends too..   not to […]  Read More»

Sep 8, 2004     3 Comments    
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…happy one month anniversary… i just have a few minutes to update so i’ll have to do some more later, but just wanted to say happy one […]  Read More»

Sep 7, 2004     9 Comments    
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Hi everyone…   first post as a married man..    just wanted to post something here. so it is not “looking for work” phase ..   so far i have done […]  Read More»

Sep 1, 2004     6 Comments